Located between the Gulf of Trieste, the Vipava Valley and Brkini, lies our magical Karst. The Karst is a unique world, it is where water and rocks make contact. It is a world filled with underground caves, disappearing rivers, dolines and other karst phenomena. Our self guided hiking tour across the Karst landscape will fascinate everyone searching for a pristine and stunning nature as well as interesting stories. Do discover the beauty of Karst on foot and fall in love with this dynamic region on the edge of the Mediterranean. As the best way to explore such beautiful destination is on a hiking holiday, truly a special experience. From Karst all the way to the Adriatic Coast by foot in a week…This unique world awaits you.

A winding hiking holiday through unique Karst with it’s wild landscape and phenomenons
The Karst Living Museum, hidden jewel of nature with treasure of Karst phenomena
UNESCO listed, beautiful Škocjan Caves are a must
Take a tour through the »Queen of Caves«, Postojna which celebrated its 200th anniversary in April 2018
Don’t miss a visit to the interesting Predjama Castle
Famous Lipica Stud Farm
Vremščica with its vast mountain pastures
Beautiful Bay of Muggia