From one jewel to another, for all the photo-hungry cyclers and nature lovers. Surrender yourself to this week long self guided cycling tour, blessed with true beauty, pristine nature, Karst landscape and it’s phenomena’s. While cycling in Karst you will be accomodated in two Hotels, in two beautiful Karst towns, from where interesting cycle day tours are designed for you. Starting point is in Postojna, the jewel in the Karst Region. Postojna is in many ways marked by its unique position, which had a significant influence on the town’s development as early as ancient times. The town lies on the Pivka River and because of the two world class attractions; Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle is visited by many tourists every year. Biking through Karst area and discovering it’s wonders such as the caves, Rakov Škocjan, intermittent lakes, sinking rivers, rocky surface and dolines, is a unique and special experience. The second location of this scenic cycle tour is Divača. Divača is today the biggest settlement and seat of the municipality. In the 16th century it was just a hamlet of sheep farmers, but with the development of transport running from the port of Trieste to the interior, it gained importance, expanded and developed. The importance of the railway is still evident today in the steam locomotive engine that now stands as a museum piece open to visitors at the railway station. Did you know that in Divača you can also find a Museum of Slovenian Film Actors? *Cover Photo: Archive: www.park-skocjanske-jame.si

A winding cycling holiday through unique Karst with it’s wild landscape and phenomenons
Take a tour through the »Queen of Caves«, Postojna which celebrated its 200th anniversary in April 2018
Don’t miss a visit to the interesting Predjama Castle
UNESCO listed, beautiful Škocjan Caves are a must
Rakov Škocjan – picturesque karst valley
Lake Cerknica – one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe
Planinsko Polje – in the Natura 2000 network as a unique habitat of European importance for numerous plant and animal spieces